13 July 2022

Fleet News: Plymouth Citybus Dennis Darts

A much needed catch up on the Citybus Fleet starts with Dennis Dart News

There has been an exodus of the Darts over the last few weeks mostly sold for scrap

Dan Shears has collected

60 WJ52GNY

63 WJ52GOC

73 WA54JVW

76 WA54JVZ

77 WA54JWC

78 WA54JWD

whilst others have gone for scrap:

70 WA03BHZ

71 WA03BJE

74 WA54JVX

75 WA54JVY

I believe this just leaves 61 66 and 68 at Milehouse unless I have missed them (quite likely)

The cull extends to the short Darts to with the following collected by Dan Shears:

250 LX05EYP

254 LX05EYU

256 LX05EXZ

This just leaves Dennis Dart 251 LX05EYY which is still available for service for the time being.

Plymouth Citybus 071 WA03BJE

More fleet updates over the next day or so.

Thanks to everyone who has supplied the updates!


  1. 73 went for scrap on 29.06.2021.

    68 left yesterday 13.07.2022 again to Winkleigh with Dan.

    61 and 66 still at Milehouse.

  2. Hi, I have just purchased 76 JVZ from Dan, just debating whether to restore or to use as a training bus with my other ex stagecoach dart


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