14 July 2022

Fleet News Plymouth Citybus Citaros

A few Mercedes Citaros have departed for scrap over the last week or so including

80 WJ55HLG

82 WJ55HLK

83 WJ66HLM

86 WJ55HLP

90 WA56OZP

93 WA56OZT

Plymouth Citybus 090 WA56OZP

Citaro 90 back in 2009 with the Bus Watch logo which was carried by a few buses for a while

Plymouth Citybus 080 WJ55HLG

80 in March 2019

Further to yesterdays update Dennis Dart 68 departed yesterday to Dan Shears. This leaves just 61 and 66 still at Milehouse along with 255 which has also yet to leave

Plymouth Citybus 068 WA03BHX


  1. 80 and 93 are due for scrap, but both still at Milehouse as of 15 07 2022

  2. First Southwest/Truronian have moved their operating base in Plymouth, and now operate from Citybus depot at Milehouse.
    2 or 3 Gemini and a Levante currently based in Plymouth.
    Also, Due to our Open Top Lolyne 361 Breaking, at short notice we have got First Kernow's/Truronians Volvo Olympian Open Top 34137 on loan to us for the OCS

    1. How times change... First and Citybus working together in Plymouth..lol

    2. So did First move from Oakleys Lee Moor to Chelson Meadow next to Stagecoach and now again to Citybus at Milehouse?

    3. O licence still showing operating centre as Lee Moor!

  3. @Anon18July2022

    No. Straight move from Lee Moor - Milehouse

    - Leah

    1. Thanks. I was confused as a couple of First buses were seen by SC drivers parked in a yard next to theirs a while back, sparking SC driver rumours that SC was selling back to First. The local SC manager even sent a staff memo to say the rumour definitely wasn't true.

    2. Now First have moved into Milehouse because they are going to buy Citybus off Go Ahead....lol

    3. So the local Stagecoach manager denied anything was happening, so in that case .. when is First taking over f rom Stagecoach then??

    Truronian 34137 is now tracking on our bustimes.org page, we also have been confirmed by jason beverley that Bristol VR ECW frankie will also provide private hire cover for Dennis Trident East Lancs 361 which is currently off road and may be withdrawn as yet TBC. Interesting is that this vehicle type was never operated by Plymouth only East Lancs day Leyland Olympian. The only other Northern Counties bus operated I believe was the only second hand Atlantean aquired 172 SND468X.

  5. @ anon 21 July at 1600 Yes but you can't rush these things. Did First move out due to Oakleys PI into vehicle maintenance?


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