20 June 2022

Two for today: Ex Airbus Olympians

In my view the best buses that have plied the X80 / Gold service between Plymouth & Torbay were these fine Olympians

34192 May 2005

530 OHU 200505dbg A.jpg

First did attempt some route branding but it wasn't brilliant. Would have been better without the contorted woman on the side to be fair. The clean look as above works much better. You cant help but think if the present team at First (and the new relaxed group policy towards liveries) were in place they could and would have done so much more to promote this service.

34197 May 2005

HVJ 716 200505dbg.jpg


  1. In the 18 years I lived in Torquay First Devon & Cornwall Buses Limited did a very good job of marketing and promotion of the X80 & saw off the Stagecoach X45 . The X80 ended not because it wasn't commercially sucessfull but do to FirstGroup internal politics & Stagecoach saw the opportunity to consolidate its network

    1. The X45 only ran a few months in retaliation for First introducing Paignton-Torquay shorts in retaliation for Stagecoach Devon competitive services against First in North Devon as Chris Hilditch & Marc Reddy locked horns.

    2. It's easy to forget First used to operate a good network against Stagecoach in Torbay. For many years I only bought a First Weekly Ticket living in Wellswood. We had the 64 & 65. The 66 to Brixham. The 111 to Dartmouth , 189 to Newton Abbot as well as the Transmoor Link. The X45 was quite simply run off the road by the X80 Stagecoach couldn't compete and the X80 shorts used open toppers which were popular with visitors. First ran a very good network in Torbay from Totnes garage its easy to dismiss them now but they offered lower fares & excellent timetable booklets as well as great publicity I rarely used Stagecoach when I lived in Torbay First were far superior.


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