19 June 2022

Devon & Cornwall Transit 2022: Week 24

The weekly look back on what has been published on the Registered Local Bus Services site over the last week. As always click through for more details including timetables and maps.

Last Week

A few odds and ends from the last week:

  • Sewards: new timetable from September for Colyford school service
  • Stagecoach: Annual Event registration for Lets Rock, New timetable from this week for UNI service
  • First Kernow: Route and timetable variation for Falmouth Coaster although nothing has been published and no obvious change was made. The Falmouth Park & Ride seems to start this week although I have not found any information anywhere on this!
 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesOPERATOR
PH0004853.007 COLY3 Stockland, Cokers Elms Colyford, The Elms 05-Sep-2022 Route and timetable variation RICHARD MERVYN SEWARD & CATHERINE ELSIE SEWARD
PH0004983.608 Falmouth Coaster Falmouth, The Moor Pendennis Point 28-May-2022 Route and timetable variation. No new timetable published on traveline since 10 April FIRST SOUTH WEST LIMITED
PH0004983.611 Falmouth Park and Ride Falmouth, Ponsharden Park and Ride Site Falmouth, Marine Road, National Maritime Museum 20-Jun-2022 Timetable variation - updated dates of operation FIRST SOUTH WEST LIMITED
PH1020951.359 LRE (Exeter Let's Rock, Perfect Day) Exeter St Davids Station Powderham Castle 02-Jul-2022 Operates for Lets Rock Exeter on 2 July 2022 and A Perfect Day on 3 July 2022 and for these events on similar dates each year STAGECOACH DEVON LTD
PH1020951.334 UNI University of Exeter Streatham High Street and University of Exeter St Lukes 19-Jun-2022 Timetable variation STAGECOACH DEVON LTD

This week

No new timetables due this week other than the Park & Ride and UNI services detailed above

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