09 April 2022

Plymouth Citybus Fleet Update Single Decks

Dennis Darts

The Dennis Dart is almost extinct with 60 61 63 76 77 78 all expected to come out of service with the new timetables from the 24th April. The last one is expected to be 251 which will hang around for a short while longer eventually being replaced by short length E200s coming up from Cornwall.

Plymouth Citybus 251 LX05EYV

Mercedes Citaro

The remaining Citaros are all expected to come off service by 24th April. The plan to retain some for the training fleet has been dropped in favour of the dual door E200s mentioned yesterday.

Plymouth Citybus 87 WJ55HLR

I noticed that the oldest Citybus Citaro, 87, was out in service today so I popped over to Eggbuckland to capture it on Culver Way working back to the city centre on the 28A from Crownhill.   ©Mark Bailey

Enviro 200s

There will be a few movements within the two fleets with 148 to 153 expected to return to Plymouth. Recently acquired E200s 167 will will be Plymouth based along with 168 when it comes back from refurbishment shortly leaving 169 and 170 to be converted. Three short 8.9M E200 are expected from Cornwall later to replace Dart 251 and E200s 160 and 161.


When the E400s transfer to the training fleet its expected that the coaches 313 314 currently in use will be withdrawn with 317 and possibly 316 being retained in the coach fleet.

As always plan can and do change – Ive lost count of how many times we were expecting the Darts to be withdrawn, but they still solder on… but if you are lucky enough to spot a dart or a Citaro out and about then get your phots while you can!


  1. Will be sad to see the Darts and Citaros go but i must admit some internally are looking tired and have seen better days The darts themselves have long been a staple in the Citybus fleet and will be missed by many.

  2. On a happier note ive noticed 361 been out on 25s

  3. None of the darts except 251 or Citaros have been out since the timetable changes. Ex SE8 is in lines livery but looks odd because of the position of Every journey taken care of on the back


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