13 February 2022

Devon & Cornwall Transit 2022: Week 6

The weekly look back on what has been published on the Registered Local Bus Services site over the last week. As always click through for more details including timetables and maps.

Its been a quiet week – There is just the one new registration, Stagecoach 360 which replaces Country Bus on the same route – their cancellation is also repeated for completeness as its the only change due this week

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesOPERATOR
PH1020951.353 360 Exeter Sidwell Street Bridford & Christow 14-Feb-2022 NEW ROUTE Replaces Country Bus:
We are pleased to announce that from Monday 14th February we will be operating a new service between Exeter and Bridford, running from Mondays right through to Saturdays in partnership with Devon County Council. The new route, numbered 360, connects Bridford with Exeter operating via Christow and Dunchideock.
For residents of Bridford, 4 trips depart every day into the city centre, from 0715 in the morning, with the final afternoon journey being at 1402. The journey time is just under an hour, meaning you’ll arrive into the city at 0813 ready to start your day. The last departure back from Exeter Sidwell Street Stop 40 is at 1755, perfectly timed for commuters heading home for the evening. 
If you’re heading into Exeter for a day out why not try one of our later departures from Bridford? We’ve also got 5 trips heading back from Exeter nicely timed at 0835, 115, 1315, 1615 and lastly at 1755.  
A single trip is great value at just £3.60, so if you’re planning a day out in Exeter or heading to work, give the new 360 a try from Monday 14th February.

Its nice to see Stagecoach promoting the service on Twitter but dont try and search for the 360 on their web site just yet!


  1. It's in the service updates section

  2. yes it is there - but its really annoying and unhelpful that the search timetable by route number says there is no 360! Surely most people thats the first place they will look!


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