29 July 2021

New Citybus Website - a Work in progress

You may have noticed Plymouth Citybus has a new web site. I knew one was coming but it was still a surprise when I logged in to check buses for a hospital visit this afternoon. Good job I did as the bus we were relying on terminated in town giving us less than 5 minutes to get out and catch the early one. Another one down to staff shortages due to the pingdemic no doubt.

On first sight it looks quite swish

Web capture_29-7-2021_201253_www.plymouthbus.co.uk

However when you click through to the timetables you start to see a few issues

Web capture_29-7-2021_201850_www.plymouthbus.co.uk

I think there is a bit of fine tuning to be done here with a few obvious errors such as the 5 5A making no mention of Saltash, the 71 does not mention Derriford and the 21 21A, probably the most important Citybus route only showing as City Centre to City centre via Devonport – no mention of the main areas at either end of this big route!

I will be looking at other features of the new site later but also feel the need to mention that the Cornish Division also has the new web site template and that one raises a few more interesting questions – The main question being – What happened to Transport for Cornwall? There is hardly a mention of the TfC name anywhere, and from what i can see none of the routes operated by any of the other TFC partners (Hopleys, OTS, Travel Cornwall) appearing on the site? Hopefully this is an oversite and over the next day or two these issues will all be sorted out…

Its not all bad news though there are some nice features to report on – as per my next post…

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