30 July 2021

Citybus web site–not all bad news

One nice new ‘toy’ on the web site is the full route tracking which comes in from the app.

Clock through to Live Departure Times and you get the map with all the bus stops

Screenshot (489)

from there you can zoom in and scroll around to select the stop you are interested in then click for departures

Screenshot (490)

As with the app you can see the services which are tracking with the live times in green. You can also click on Track Buses and see where all the buses are on the route

Screenshot (491)

You can then clock the bus to get a bit more detail including the fleet number and the livery

Screenshot (492)

This was all in the app but I prefer it on the desktop – it also means if I see something interesting on my route I can pop out and get a photo!

Although I have already mentioned some of the shortcomings of the route listing when searching for timetables with poor route descriptions and missing route sections being the main issues, there are a few good points here too.

Especially useful at the moment with all operators struggling to keep routes running as drivers get instructed to self isolate, the route listing does highlight any current service updates – and Citybus are really good at detailing when buses are missing from routes.

Screenshot (493)

Another nice feature is when you click on a route timetable

Web capture_30-7-2021_145334_www.plymouthbus.co.uk

You get the nice map at the top – which you can open in full screen – and see all the buses on the route and where they are. You can choose the direction although both are unhelpfully labelled To Derriford and also decide if you want to see the full timetable at all stops which might be helpful if your local stop isn't one of the major ones. You do have to click the update button to make the changes which might not be obvious to all but is pretty quick. You can select the date to see the timetables for other days of the week too. Although not perfect, and very few bus company web sites are, its a lot better than the previous incarnation in my view.  If they can just update the route descriptions its better than the old web site.


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