17 July 2021

Fleet Update: Plymouth Citybus Departures

The start of a bit of a catch on on Plymouth Citybus as I get to spend a bit more time on PT for a brief period at least

A couple of Darts that have departed for scrap:

73 WA54JVW

Plymouth Citybus 073 WA54JVW I still think the last livery to be carried by these buses is so much better than the first they carried

Plymouth Citybus 073 WA54JVW

Another Dart now gone off for scrap is 252 LX05EYY

Plymouth Citybus 252 LX05EYY

She looked very smart when first repainted back in April 2017

Plymouth Citybus 252 LX05EYY

A very handy by product of Plymouth Citybus’ red livery is that she didnt look out of place running in London livery

Plymouth Citybus 252 LX05EYY

Its not quite the end for Plymouth Citybus Dennis Dart operation as three of them (61 76 and 78) are being put through MOT to be kept as active reserves providing they are ok that is!


  1. Also I have heard on the grapevine, one withdrawn dart could be in its was to Lipson Vale school this summer, as an outside classroom.

    77 was still in service on Thursday (15/7) on service 5.

  2. The Darts being scrapped are all bar 60/61/63/76-78/251/254-256


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