18 July 2021

Devon & Cornwall Transit 2021: Week 28

It is time for the usual weekly look back on what has been published on the Registered Local Bus Services site over the last week.

After a the previous bumper crop of backdated Stagecoach notices, its gone quiet again with no new notices published last week.

Looking ahead though are a few seasonal operations starting this week:

 Licence Route Start Point End Point Effective NotesOPERATOR
PH1086607.005 33 Royal Square, St Ives Higher Penderleath Caravan & Camping Park 17-Jul-2021 Temporary timetable variation due to Coronavirus - timetables for 2021 summer season NICHOLAS COLIN EASTWOOD
PH0000135.294 54 Royal Parade Bovisand 17-Jul-2021 Change to dates of operation:
Saturday 29th May until Sunday 6th June 2021 and
Saturday 17th July until Sunday 5th September 2021
and similar dates in subsequent years as determined by Plymouth City Council
PH1066351.027 302 Woolacombe Sands Combe Martin Wildlife Park 19-Jul-2021 NEW: Monday to Friday
No weekend or bank holiday service

Monday is being ill-advisedly described as “Freedom Day” and all restrictions are being lifted despite the rises in cases and even the PM himself now entering self isolation having been pinged by the NHS App bus operators are in the awkward position of having to request passengers still use masks with the knowledge they can do nothing about passengers who wont. Sadly this appalling (but not unexpected) lack of leadership will lead to more people getting affected and more people getting pinged and being told to self isolate which will almost certainly include essential staff, like bus drivers. There are still many vulnerable people who are at extreme risk of this infection so please be careful out there and please follow the companies advice. Please also make sure you follow the bus operators on twitter if you are thinking of travelling. Some of them are pretty good at warning when services are not running – especially as staff shortages continue to cause operators problems.


  1. Why have there been single deckers operating Plymouth citybus school service 104 recently?

    1. presumably either vehicle availability, or more likely, DDs are not needed at the moment.

    2. At present only years 7 and 8 are in school at Devonport school for boys and I think similar at the girls school. Also majority of kids from Tavistock, Yelverton areas use Stagecoach X1 which follows similar route as bud pass on x1 can be used at other times on the 1 from Tavistock to Plymouth

    3. With lower student numbers towards the end of term , double deck not needed . Less year groups in school in the last couple weeks .


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