01 May 2021

The Week Ahead 2021 Week 18

There are a few timetable changes happening this week:

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes OPERATOR
PH1053866.023 2 St Ives, Trenwith Car Park St Ives, Royal Square 02-May-2021 New timetable ST. IVES BUS CO. LTD
PH1086607.021 2 St Ives, Trenwith Car Park St Ives, Royal Square 02-May-2021 New Timetable NICHOLAS COLIN EASTWOOD
PH1086607.019 44 St Ives, Royal Square St Ives, Royal Square 02-May-2021 Temporary timetable variation due to Coronavirus - timetables for 2021 summer season NICHOLAS COLIN EASTWOOD
PH1011427.092 497 498 Truro, Boscawen Street Summercourt, London Inn 07-May-2021 Timetable variation.
Sees the reintroduction of 498

The St Ives service 2 is a joint operation between the two operators

Map: Route-2

Royal Buses 44

MAP Route-44

Travel Cornwall 497 and 498

MAP route-497

MAP route-498

As usual more details including links to timetables and full route history can be found by clicking on the licence numbers above


  1. Does anyone know anymore about if first group are coming back to Plymouth

    1. I don't think so. Only possible increase on Dartmoor Explorer although apparently Stagecoach have only signed year extension at The Ride. It will be interesting to see how things change with the Bus Back Better scheme from UK Gevernment. Operators have to guarantee certain things to keep getting funding from 2022

    2. An extension???? Stagecoach own The Ride

    3. I believe they sub let of First who still own the Ride but could be wrong

  2. So if first group is not coming back then and stagecoach if they do go be left to Plymouth citybus and bus fares will go up

  3. So we still don't actually know who owns The Ride?!

    1. If people are so desperate to know why don’t they pay the small fee to the Land Registry to check ownership.

    2. People are curious as contradictory information has been given in comments on this site, why pay when those in the know check this site?

    3. Stagecoach


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