28 April 2021

First South West Discover Exeter

Another of the new services being introduced by First South West next month is the new Discover Exeter service.

Screenshot (278)

a nice simple hourly timetable

MAP Route-DiscoverExeter

Google Earth Fly-through video:

As with their other services I really do hope that this one takes off and is a success


  1. Whilst I hope it does well this seems a bit of a pointless route to me. City Centre to St David's is already well covered by Stagecoach and trains from Central. The quayside isn't exactly popular to travel to by bus Stagecoach always have Solos on the route.

    1. but this is aimed specifically at tourists rather than a normal bus service.

    2. The G is Country Bus now - it's a DCC contract and also serves some quite narrow streets at the other end of the route. You also have the Green Park and Ride stopping on the other side of the river near the Canal Basin every 15 mins in Normal times.

  2. Ah yes forgot it's a CountryBus route now. But as you say nearly all of the route is well covered, I can't see many tourists wanting to go around a small part of Exeter by bus in the same way that people do in Plymouth or Bath.


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