20 April 2021

Dwindling Darts: 254

The last of the Dwindling Darts feature for now at least. Thanks to Mark Bailey for the photos:

Plymouth  24/03/2021

Plymouth  29/03/2021

Not sure why but I have always had a soft spot for these baby Darts.


  1. has anyone else noticed the fleet number inconsistency across the fleet? some have large orange numbers, some have white smaller numbers and others have orange small numbers...

    and what on earth is with the huge gaps in the fleet numbers too now?!

  2. Plymouth citybus 6009 has been repainted into lines and some Omnidekkas have been appearing on the 23 this week.

  3. The omnidekkas usually appear on 34 and school runs. This week they have also popped up as you say on 23/23, and 21/21A and I think I saw one on the 5 too.


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