21 April 2021

A New Route for Local Buses

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“At the 2019 Annual Meeting, with bus services under threat across England, Wales and the Islands, WI members passed a resolution calling on both local and national governments to take action. Bus services play a vital role in ensuring communities remain sustainable, helping to reduce social isolation and ensure access to employment, education, local facilities and health services. Our Get on Board campaign seeks to raise awareness of the importance of local bus services and the impact of cuts on communities. “

The opening paragraph for a nice little report calling government action to protect and grow local bus services, especially in rural areas

You can download the full report here


or view my library copy HERE

their own summary plots it out nicely

Screenshot (236)

All in all its a nice simple report that even a Conservative Government Minister could understand. The Government is sayings lots of good things about public transport at the moment although I for one remain sceptical on a lot of the detail I really do hope that they are taking all of this on board.


  1. Dartmoor Explorer timetable on Traveline. One journey daily 10am from Plymouth in each direction.

    1. What service number is it

    2. no numberr - its just Dartmoor Explorer

    3. There's some clever timetabling allowing for a break along the most scenic part of the of the route, then continuing on to the other end or returning where you came from.

  2. Off topic but maybe of intrest to some. bustimes.org is showing 13813 has been on 91s today. my experiance of this website for hunting numbers has been very good so would say that this is proberbly 97% accurate

  3. Yes but you can't use it to get from Plymouth to Exeter and back in a day or vice versa.

    1. Not yet but apparently that is part of the plans to develop the route later


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