21 March 2021

Devon & Cornwall Transit 2021 Week 11

The usual weekly look back on what has been published on the Registered Local Bus Services site over the last week. Click on the licence numbers for full details on each route including timetables and maps where available.

Bit of an odd batch this week.

  • Raymond Borkowski – Alpha Coaches: These look like a tidy up exercise closing open registrations for the Sidmouth Festival Shuttle services.
  • Plymouth Citybus: One further change for the 29th March.
  • Linden Holding – MD Buses: Two new services starting in April No further details known so far.

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes OPERATOR
PH1015203.002 2 SIDMOUTH Core Hill Camps Site SIDMOUTH Core Hill Camps Stie 15-Jul-2021 Cancelled RAYMOND STANLEY BORKOWSKI
PH0000135.286 7 Penzance, Zennor, St Just, Lands End 29-Mar-2021 Service operated winter only. Did not operate after 1st April and before 1st November 2021. Now to operate all year. PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH1015203.003 300A Bulverton Bulverton 15-Jul-2021 Cancelled RAYMOND STANLEY BORKOWSKI
PH1015203.004 300 Bulverton Bulverton 15-Jul-2021 Cancelled RAYMOND STANLEY BORKOWSKI
PH2008096.013 B2 Bow Station Northlew Square 19-Apr-2021 New Registration. Saturdays only LINDEN HOLDINGS (DEVON) LTD
PH2008096.014 B1 Bow Square Halwill Junction, Station Field 19-Apr-2021 New Registration. Monday - Friday one return journey LINDEN HOLDINGS (DEVON) LTD


  1. Stagecoach are making some timetable changes from 4th April, Red Park & Ride in Exeter is reinstated and routes 12, 31, 35A/35C and Falcon return to normal frequency. Also timetable changes to 2, 5, 7, 22 and 77. Open-tops 95 and 122 start Monday 12th April, increased frequency on 95 and 122 extended to Devon Bay Holiday Park in Goodrington.

    1. But 122 reduced to half-hourly (normally every 20min) & intended Meadfoot Beach section not introduced & no longer serves Paignton Zoo either.

  2. the 122 at every 30 is still better than last year, every hour, not serving the zoo IIRC was an issue with the turning area inside the zoo, also there are 5 buses an hour passing outside (gold & 22), and the meetfoot section is due to the trees and not being able to cut them now due to nesting birds, but is meant to be on the cards for next year

    1. I did wonder if trees in the Meadfoot area might be an issue. The open-top sightseeing bus goes round that way but it has a conductor/guide to remind everyone to keep their heads down! I wonder if the 122 might be enhanced during the school summer holidays as there will be more staff available then.

    2. 122 traditionally every 20 min, last year hourly was late decision during pandemic. Problem is SC failed to organise tree cutting early enough ahead of nesting season, no such problem for First luckily!!.

  3. the changes to the 2, 7 & 77 are to do with the opening of an outstation at Newton Abbot


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