17 November 2020

Plymouth Citybus 5000’s

The first batch of double decker's in the new 5000 series are these Enviro 400s from Stagecoach London, with several now running in Plymouth in plain red livery. Presumably these will receive full Citybus livery when they get single door conversions in due course. Here are a selection of photos from the last few days in town

Plymouth Citybus 5001 SL64HZC


Plymouth Citybus 5002 SL64HYY


Plymouth Citybus 5003 SL64HYZ


Plymouth Citybus 5005 SL64HZB


Plymouth Citybus 5006 SL64HZD

5006 - still in Transport for Cornwall livery


  1. Returned to Plymouth as kept breaking down in Cornwall. Seem to be ok running round Plymouth

  2. Must be strange for passengers, Plymouth Citybus with Stagecoach interior.


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