08 July 2020

Fleet News and Fleet Lists

A few bits of note as I have been updating fleet lists over the last day or so

Plymouth Citybus has seen the departure unused of the Volvo double deckers back to East Yorkshire.

In return we have received 5 Scania L94UB

374 NK54NVW Scania L94UB YS2L4X20001849580 Wright Solar J289 B43F Jan-2005
375 NK55OLM Scania L94UB YS2L4X20001853156 Wright Solar K111 B43F Feb-2006
376 NK54NVZ Scania L94UB YS2L4X20001849577 Wright Solar J292 B43F Jan-2005
377 NK55OLJ Scania L94UB YS2L4X20001853109 Wright Solar K110 B43F Feb-2006
378 NK54NVF Scania L94UB YS2L4X20001849454 Wright Solar J277 B43F Jan-2005

Note that they have been numbered after the other Scanias and not in the 1000’s which suggests these are staying around a bit longer?

I have not seen any reports of them being used here yet.

5211 NK54NVF GoNortheast

NK54NVF seen in 2011 ©Eddie (creative commons))

I have updated other fleet lists including OTS and Travel Cornwall. The full listing online is as follows – with the local fleets all up to date to the latest PSV Circle News Sheet (July 2020) The main Go Ahead and First Group fleets are still a few months out of date…


  1. Jason has said they are permanent additions to the PCB fleet

  2. only a guess but i think these are staying with citybus and is to be painted aswell, maybe TFC or citybus swoosh

  3. Excellent fleetlists, well done Graham. For FSW the E400MMCs have started returning to Cornwall, with at least one back in service.

  4. The First South West one has numerous errors in it. Why not email them and ask for it?

    1. Thanks for letting me know - I am currently checking it and a newer version will be uploaded very shortly

  5. I saw 375, 376 and 377 in service today (18/7/20), routes 23 and 44 and I can't remember the other. All in the livery they arrived in - and all different!


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