01 July 2020

Fleet Lists are back!

I may have been quiet on here recently due to not being out and being extra busy with other things at the moment but I have been able to make a start at sorting out my fleet lists and bringing things up to date, something which I have had several requests for!

I can now bring you the first results of this catch up with a couple of local listings

Other local listings will be made available over the coming week or so as I update my records. The up to date details will always be found here 

I hope to get First South West listing up next. Eventually Stagecoach Devon will be available but I am a lot more behind with them!

Also on line at the moment I have

These last two are not up to date yet (psvc area 3 is, but the other areas are a few months behind)

As always if anyone notices any errors or updates please let me know and I will correct them. (dbg@plymothiantransit.com)

Plymouth Citybus 2203 YY64TXH


  1. PCB up
    date today 1002,1003,1004,1006,1007,1008,1009,1010,1012 on Plymouth local routes 34,40/1,42,61,62. 1201,1202,1203,1204 on 34,50,51 with 477.2002 back in service.
    1005,1011,1205,1206,in Milehouse compound with acquired 374 NK549NBW, 375 NK55OLM,376 NK54NVZ,377 NK55OLJ,378 NK54NVF and green MMC20D. 5004 also out and about and 524 rubbed down for painting.New MMC WA20DXG & DXH plus another.

  2. I see some cornwall by kernow e400mmc are on holiday in somerset
    33303 was seen in bridgewater and an unidentified tinner.
    Also some atlantic coaster tridents

  3. 374 NK54 NVW
    375 NK55 OLM
    376 NK54 NVZ
    377 NK55 OLJ
    378 NK54 NVF


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