30 July 2020

Country Bus Cancellations–or maybe not?

A reminder of a few service cancellations due this week

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes OPERATOR
PH1017984.076 14 Roselands Brixham Community College 31-Jul-2020 Cancellation Accepted ALANSWAY COACHES LTD
PH1017984.006 15 Brixham Bank Lane, Summercourt Way Shops South Bay Holiday Park 31-Jul-2020 Cancellation Accepted ALANSWAY COACHES LTD
PH1017984.071 16 Brixham Bank lane, Ranscombe, South Bay Holiday Park Brixham Bank Lane 31-Jul-2020 Cancellation Accepted ALANSWAY COACHES LTD

I repeat a couple of comments left by Julian:

A blow to Brixham bus users, especially with Stagecoach also withdrawing the 18A - this was pencilled in for September but the route was withdrawn in the covid-19 service reductions of 30th March and has not been reinstated. This will leave Summercourt without easy access to a bus service. The only hope is that Torbay Buses may be willing to take on the routes - the 14/15/16 can all be operated by one vehicle and driver.


Replying to my own post - Torbay has stepped in with interim funding for the 15 and 16 so presumably Country Bus has cancelled the cancellations! Torbay Council is also developing a strategy for supporting what it refers to as "secondary services" which it hopes to have in place for the next Financial Year. Regarding the withdrawal of the 18A, that was already out for consultation and pencilled in for September so I do not expect it to restart.

Both the 15 and 16 are still showing as cancelled on the DVSA site but Traveline show both services still running with no closure dates and the Country Bus web site has no signs of them being closed either!

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  1. From the Country Bus website (under "News"):


    From 1st August our Brixham town services 15 and 16 will be supported by Torbay Council. The term-time service 14 to Brixham Community College will no longer operate.


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