23 June 2020

Country Bus reduce in Brixham

You’d think it would be nice to report some timetable changes that are NOT COVID related – but if you are relying on buses in Brixham – then this maybe not so welcome.

Three cancellations all from Country Bus have been registered on DVSA.

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes OPERATOR
PH1017984.076 14 Roselands Brixham Community College 31-Jul-2020 Cancellation Accepted ALANSWAY COACHES LTD
PH1017984.006 15 Brixham Bank Lane, Summercourt Way Shops South Bay Holiday Park 31-Jul-2020 Cancellation Accepted ALANSWAY COACHES LTD
PH1017984.071 16 Brixham Bank lane, Ranscombe, South Bay Holiday Park Brixham Bank Lane 31-Jul-2020 Cancellation Accepted ALANSWAY COACHES LTD

Now I say they are not COVID related, but us this the start of bus operators having to reassess their marginal services as they start to plan their financial recovery from lockdown, or is this a tender thing and they will be picked up by someone else?

On a second not is anyone else able to view timetables on Traveline South West at the moment? as I cant!


  1. Commercial. Torbay Council do not financially support any bus services. Referenced in current Buses mag interesting Cornwall feature, also nice piece on Plymouth + open-tops.

    1. Yes some good local Focus on West Country articles & pictures in Buses this month!!

  2. Traveline South West offline ysterday due to BT server failure. Back on line today.

  3. I found this if it helps: http://nationaljourneyplanner.travelinesw.com/swe/XSLT_SELTT_REQUEST?itdLPxx_page=sel

  4. There are no tendered services in Torbay. These are commercial services being withdrawn.

  5. Have heard from 2 unrelated sources that pcb not reopening the coach unit is there any truth in this?

  6. Here is a PCB update after a walk around Milehouse boundary yesterday.In the compound were 2002 recently out of the paint shop in tfc red,2218 lettered for tfc,Go SC 1002,1005,1009 (in the parking in front of the shed were 5 more) the 2 dd trainers, Go NE NK54NVW NK54NVJ NK55OLJ first two with PCB legals, long o/use 91,372,475,442(elsewhere 139 & 84) and the coaches. Over the pits 5002 and round the back unused 2215.
    No sign of E York's dd.
    Seen in service 1010 on 34,1204 on 50,1205 on 61 also YN56FTT

  7. 91 was in service on 5/5a on 27/06/20

  8. A blow to Brixham bus users, especially with Stagecoach also withdrawing the 18A - this was pencilled in for September but the route was withdrawn in the covid-19 service reductions of 30th March and has not been reinstated. This will leave Summercourt without easy access to a bus service. The only hope is that Torbay Buses may be willing to take on the routes - the 14/15/16 can all be operated by one vehicle and driver.


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