15 March 2020

Planned service changes

There are no service changes due this coming week but there have been a few more notices published this last week for future service alterations:

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes  OPERATOR
PH0004983.413 230 Lizard, Green Helston, Cottage Hospital 14-Apr-2020 Revised timetable. FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD
PH1011427.090  51 St. Austell Bus/ Rail Station Veryan, Pendower Road 29-Mar-2020 Timetable amended SUMMERCOURT TRAVEL LTD
PH1011427.091 428 East Looe (Bridge) Summercourt, London Inn 20-Apr-2020 Timetable amended SUMMERCOURT TRAVEL LTD
PH1011427.088  28 Lostwithiel, Cott Road St Austell Bus Station 07-Apr-2019 New Service SUMMERCOURT TRAVEL LTD
PH1011427.092 497 498 Truro, Boscawen Street Summercourt, London Inn 29-Mar-2020 Timetable amended SUMMERCOURT TRAVEL LTD

As usual you can follow these routes on Plymothian Bus Services by clicking through on the licence numbers, although it may be a while before the pages get updated!

Now also seems as good as time as any to let you know the the new Transport for Cornwall web site has kind of launched. I say kind of as its very much a work in progress at the moment with only a small number of the timetables uploaded and a few other issues but it is there and hopefully will bring itself up to date pretty quickly


website now up

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  1. Saw 533 and a white e200mmc in pool around 1635


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