13 March 2020

Fleet News: Citybus

Milehouse is seeing new arrivals almost every day now.
From Brighton & Hove we have at least 4 Scania double deckers which are on loan – Brighton fleet numbers:

901 YN56FFA Scania N94UD East Lancs Omnidekka H51/37F
902 YN56FFB Scania N94UD East Lancs Omnidekka H51/37F
903 YN56FFC Scania N94UD East Lancs Omnidekka H51/37F
916 YN56FFT Scania N94UD East Lancs Omnidekka H51/37F
**Correction 901-903 are not here - but 904 YN56FFD is! I believe more are expected...

Brighton & Hove
From Go South Coast we have a few single deckers (GSC numbers)

2002 HF58HTG Scania N230UB Scania Omnicity B39F
2005 HF58HTL Scania N230UB Scania Omnicity B39F
2009 HF58HTT Scania N230UB Scania Omnicity B35D?
2010 HF58HTU Scania N230UB Scania Omnicity B39F
2101 YT59SFJ Scania K230UB Wright Solar B44F
Incoming Plymouth Citybus!
There are now quite a few brand new Enviro 200s in plain red livery delivered so far with the following at least confirmed as arrived so far:

2016 WA20DVB Alexander Dennis E20D
2017 WA20DVC Alexander Dennis E20D
2018 WA20DVF Alexander Dennis E20D
2019 WA20DVG Alexander Dennis E20D
2020 WA20DVH Alexander Dennis E20D
2021 WA20DVJ Alexander Dennis E20D
2022 WA20DVK Alexander Dennis E20D
2023 WA20DVL Alexander Dennis E20D
2024 WA20DVM Alexander Dennis E20D
2025 WA20DVN Alexander Dennis E20D
2026 WA20DVO Alexander Dennis E20D

2213 WA20DVR Alexander Dennis E20D
2214 WA20DVT Alexander Dennis E20D
Brand New!
The newly acquired Enviro 400s from Stagecoach London are aslo at the front of the depot with one at least carrying its new fleet number 5006

5001 SL64HZC Alexander Dennis E40D
5002 SL64HYY Alexander Dennis E40D
5003 SL64HYZ Alexander Dennis E40D
5004 SL64HZA Alexander Dennis E40D
5005 SL64HZB Alexander Dennis E40D
5006 SL64HZD Alexander Dennis E40D
5007 SL64HZE Alexander Dennis E40D
Another recent addition from London was seen at the front of the depot this afternoon
Plymouth Citybus 2203 YY64TXH
Finally for now we have the promised picture of 512 in the new lines version of the livery
Plymouth Citybus 512 WF63LYW
All the pictures above were taken from the main road


  1. Makes me wonder of the E200MMC's transferring from First will be 2000-2015??? Assuming the previously mentioned figure of 16 is correct.....

  2. Very interesting! The fleet numbers seem a little random, are the E400s here to stay rather than loaned like the GSC buses?

    1. I must admit the fleet numbers do seem odd - especially the 5000s for double deckers.

    2. They have been purchased to my knowledge, same with E54 so I'd assume they are here to stay. They're Euro 6 too which is a bonus!

  3. Any idea if the Stagecoach London E400s will be reupholstered or enter service with the Stagecoach upholstery?

    1. assuming they are in fairly good condition I would imagine they wont be refurbished fully just yet -bearing in mind they only have two weeks and a lot of buses to prep. At some stage though I would expect them to be refurbished and single doored so may get standard seating then

  4. East Yorkshire Fleet update...
    The first 5 Plaxton President bodied Volvo B7TL's have today transfered to Plymouth Citybus ahead of their transfer to the new Cornwall operation.
    The vehicle's transfered Sunday 15 March are 669, 670, 671, 673 & 677.

  5. With the requirement and I imagine enormous cost of the loan vehicles for the launch of Cornwall services, why did PCB go ahead with the disposal of the ex Brighton deckers? Surely they would have been beneficial in covering 4-6 contract compliant vehicles from the Plymouth network that could have gone to Cornwall?

    1. Those deckers were falling apart. Failing each and every day, I believe only two actually remained in service to the end that's out of eight of them.

      Even then they had already been disposed of before the service change.

    2. They were extremely unreliable and to be honest probably better off getting rid of them as always causing breakdowns


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