09 March 2020

Go Liskeard

A new Information Office has been opened by GoCornwall Bus in the main street in Liskeard town centre.  The office is open for timetables and public enquiries, and is just a short walk from the town's main bus stops.  It is open to the public from 0900-1500 Mondays to Fridays and 0830-1400 on Saturdays.  The office also has a drivers' relief room, which now removes the need for drivers to return to the depot at Trevecca for their rest breaks, saving time and dead mileage on crew changeovers. 

200309 New GoCornwall Bus information office, Liskeard

©Peter Murnaghan

The office, next to the Co-op, will be stocked, in due course, with timetables for the major expansion of services in Cornwall from 1st April.

Meanwhile a comment left on another post this evening deserves more prominent mention:

I have been advised today that Citybus are considering barring enthusiasts and bus spotters from entering their depot. This is due to the number of so called enthusiasts who without any form of permission have entered the depot and then been seen photographing and recording details of the new and loaned buses parked on site. People have even been seen entering the new buses. Citybus have always been a friend of the genuine enthusiast so if you are one of these irresponsible idiots causing offence please stop it. Obtain permission or stay away.

Please people be sensible and always ask first. Its common courtesy. Don't spoil it for everyone else. Many operators don't let any enthusiasts in, we are lucky in Plymouth, lets keep it that way!


  1. Yes people. Its only cos of the amount of vehicles coming that they are parked at the front. Do not spoil it for other people by not asking permission, and definitely do not just go opening buses and entering yourself. Citybus is private property and they have every right to ban people as they see fit. Take heed of the warning.

  2. Perhaps PCB recruitment staff will finally respect First’s private property too then, and stop entering their premises and vehicles to try and recruit their staff?

    1. Fair point

    2. At end of day there a big differance between a bus spotter getting in the way of operations and nearly getting them selfs killed to get the perfect picture and a recruitment officer trying to recruit. Maybe first have approved the pcb staff as with the work the lost there proberbly be redundancies if there not the natural wastage of drivers. I do have the t shirt from when go ahead tookover a route i did tho i was leaving anyway a view of my colleagues at the time were greatful go ahead took them on. If u dont like it then just ignore them

    3. Can’t have it both ways. PCB promised Cornwall Council they’d stop bothering First staff at work. Obviously can’t control their own staff.

  3. I notice in camborne depot there some wright gemini b7tl couldent get an id but my stickers on side i think they were ex bristol. Also of note for stagecoach saw on 17s today is a cymru prefixed solo.

  4. No. They aren’t invited. Far from it. They’ve promised not to do it once already. They’re not wanted by the staff either. There are no redundancies.

  5. Honestly just get permission. If you are unsure how just go to the reception at Milehouse and ask who you may need to talk to in regards to organising a visit. I am sure they'd be happy to help and also allows you to remain safe!


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