08 March 2020

Fleet News Plymouth Citybus

It is normally time for Devon & Cornwall Transit posting – but there are no planned service changes this coming week, and I have already covered all of the new VOSA notices published over the last few days.
I have actually spent all weekend downloading and processing timetables and maps for most of the Cornwall changes at the end of the month, there are an awful lot of them but I think I am getting there!
Just a few snippets of news for the Go Cornwall fleet that is beginning build up at Milehouse.
Former Go Ahead London E54 is now here along with a batch of former Stagecoach London Enviro 400s with the following quoted:
10197 SL14DDE *
10198 SL64HYX *
10199 SL64HYY
10200 SL64HYZ
10201 SL64HZA
10202 SL64HZB
10203 SL64HZC
10204 SL64HZD
10205 SL64HZE
Its now known if they are all actually here yet.
Quite a few new Enviro 200 brand new 20 Reg buses have also now arrived, mostly with WA20 registrations that I have seen reported so far.
Plymouth Citybus Enviro 400 512 has been repainted out of Red Flash into the new “lines” version as carried by the latest E400 City's, this being the first repaint into this livery and very smart it looks too. Hopefully a picture will be forthcoming shortly!
** Please note that 10197 and 10198 are NOT included - Thanks for those who have corrected me!


  1. I have been advised today that Citybus are considering barring enthusiasts and bus spotters from entering their depot. This is due to the number of so called enthusiasts who without any form of permission have entered the depot and then been seen photographing and recording details of the new and loaned buses parked on site. People have even been seen entering the new buses. Citybus have always been a friend of the genuine enthusiast so if you are one of these iresponsible idiots causing offence please stop it. Obtain permission or stay away.

  2. ^^^
    I second the above. If you haven't obtained official permission or are not on legitimate business, do not enter the Depot. And if observing outside the Depot do not obstruct the movement of vehicles and staff, accost staff, or cause a nuisance to the public.

  3. Perhaps PCB staff should stop entering First depots, rest rooms and buses trying to persuade staff to join them then!

  4. Saw a morebus Scania Single deck in the MOT booth this afternoon!

  5. I saw an ex Stagecoach London E400 in Bristol today broken down on the M4 just before the turn off onto the M5.

  6. I was passing Milehouse yesterday and there are also four ex-Go-South Coast/More Bus Scania OmniCity/OmniLink (not sure which) saloons parked up.

    1. they're temporary while PCB sort out the newer buses for TFC / GCB. Some people saying their for GCB but it's much more likely they'll be for PCB while PCB send their Euro 5s into Cornwall.

    2. The omnicities are likely for GCB as they are Euro 5, they seem be going on the old eclipse workings from what I have heard but this could be wrong.


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