23 March 2020

Brand New Leyland Nationals

I promised something special today and for me at least I think this fulfils that promise!

Leyland Nationals

I thought that you might like a photo from the past.  This view was taken at the band new Leyland National factory at Lilyhall, near Workington.

Leyland Nationals SCO 421L and 428L had just been completed and were parked outside the factory, ready to be driven down to Plymouth, as part of Plymouth City Transport's large batch of Nationals.  The date is 6th September 1972.  Leyland Nationals were always delivered with their chassis number (or build number) displayed on the route number blind.  After the completion of prototype and development vehicles, chassis numbers for the production series started at no. 101, so SCO 421L was only the 33rd bus built.

I don't think that this early batch of Nationals lasted very long with PCT.

©Peter Murnaghan

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  1. Are the loan vehicles going to be painted into Plymputh City Bus livery or are they staying in their current liverys?

  2. Ah, remember these well, especially on the 8 and 9...


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