23 February 2020

Target Travel, the last day

As Storm Dennis hit Plymouth on Saturday 15th February the people of Plymouth were faced with strong winds and rain. However this did not sway anyone from going to the Plymouth Argyle vs Crewe Alexandra game that was happening that afternoon, with many people choosing to use the Plymouth Argyle routes that Target Travel operate. However there was increased patronage aboard these services, not because of the storm but in fact due to it being the final day of Target Travel.

Sadly the company was disallowed to continue operating after financial instability and as a such they will no longer be providing services in Plymouth as they have done for over 20 years. Many people have relied on their services over this period, be it for leisure, business or commuting the company has played a large role in the City of Plymouth over this period and this will not be forgotten.

Due to this fact I took the day to go out and observe the last day of operations and see what passengers thought of their service. Below is a selection of photos that I took throughout the day that shows off the last services ever operated by Target Travel.

Dennis in Storm Dennis

SN51 SYO pulls into the first stop of the day prior to making its way towards Argyle for what will be it's last time with Target Travel. This service was supplemented with a change at Westfield to allow passengers aboard a more direct link to argyle while increasing capacity for the next segment of the route. You can see the rain quite clearly in this photo, it eased off a little bit later into the day but if it didn’t the match would have likely to have been called off.

The Target Troopers.

Upon arrival at Argyle you would typically see a queue of buses from where all the Argyle routes arrive within a 15-20 minute period. Most buses would sit here during the match before being boarded for their return trips back on the same routes they arrived on. W454 BCW is seen behind SN51 SYO.

Through the village.

Seen at Down Thomas YJ08 PHK makes her penultimate trip in service with Target Travel on the final 49 of the day. In true Target Travel fashion the route number can be seen not from an LED or Flip Dot display but from an A4 peice of paper. Whilst this isn't exactly the most presentable I will miss some of these small irritating features from the Target Travel vehicles myself.

The last ever service.

The last ever service operated by Target Travel was the final 94 of the day which runs directly from Noss Mayo into Yealmpton where it terminates. It is seen at Noss Mayo before making this journey. YJ08 PHK is seen prior to making this journey. There was no one else but myself aboard this journey to mark the occasion another independent slips into the history books.

Whilst the fall of Target Travel has been a harsh journey and upsetting to an extent with friends and family affected by the downfall, I do welcome Tally Ho! into the city as it means that Plymouth still has a bit of local competition among the big players of Go Ahead and Stagecoach. I wish Tally Ho! luck with their new services.

Jake Street

Thanks to Jake for sending in this article along with the photos which are his copyright.


  1. Does anyone know who will be doing the bovisand bus this year

  2. My guess would be Tally Go.. although as it's a Plymouth City tender possibly Stagecoach?

    1. I dont think anyone is doing it just yet. Its usually set up a a tendered contract for one summer season at a time, so assuming the council want to pay for it again this year it will probably be put up for tender nearer the time for any operator to submit a bid if they wish. I would guess its likely to be Tally Ho or Stagecoach though!


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