19 January 2020

Devon & Cornwall Transit 190

The weekly look at service changes across Devon & Cornwall.

Just the one service change due this week

As usual please click through on the Licence number for more details and full route histories on the PTBS web site. Links to Traveline and other timetables and maps are provided below where possible, but always check with the operators own web site for up to date information before you travel!

Service changes this coming week

Stagecoach Devon Ltd • PH1020951

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes
PH1020951.298  13 Plymouth, Royal Parade Saltash Passage 20-Jan-2020 No details given by Stagecoach - back to previous route through Plymouth City Centre now the Drake Circus roadworks have completed
13 Traveline Timetable & Maps

Stagecoach 35134 YN56HBB

Future service changes announced this week

 Licence  Route  Start Point  End Point  Effective  Notes  OPERATOR
PH0000135.094   5[A] Elburton City Centre- Saltash 23-Feb-2020 Running time adjustments PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD
PH2013477.001 SDV20 Wheddon Cross Car Park Wheddon Cross Car Park 08-Feb-2020 Saturday 8 February 2020 to Sunday 23 February 2020 RONALD JAMES WEBBER & MATTHEW JAMES WEBBER
PD0000738.216 501 PLYMOUTH LONDON VICTORIA 10-Feb-2020 Vary route and timetable. NATIONAL EXPRESS LTD


  1. Stagecoach have a 'new' falcon coach, 62 plate elite interdeck

  2. In leaflet delivered yesterday from developers of 2000 home estate north of Woolwell latest transport plan is to extend 42C and double frequency.

  3. People who work for pcb may know more but i see 2 off the ex eyms e200 hit the streets saw today 163(61) and 164(5)


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