11 December 2019

The Go Ahead Years: New buses

Continuing from where we left off last week we have the new buses from 2015

2015 sees more Enviro 400s in another new livery: Yellow Flash

Plymouth Citybus 522 WJ65BYN

with one (531) in standard red swoop with Go Cornwall names

Plymouth Citybus 531 WJ65BYX

2016 we get some new single deck Enviro 200s in standard swoop livery:

Plymouth Citybus 147 WJ65HMA

and some in Green Flash livery:

Plymouth Citybus 156 WJ65HMO

and another batch of Enviro 400s in Go Cornwall livery

Plymouth Citybus 534 WJ65BZA

along with two in Green Flash, (although they were soon repainted out of that!)

Plymouth Citybus 538 WJ65BZE

2017 saw the new Enviro City for Plymouth Citybus, who were the first in the GA Group to get this new style. Most were in another new livery: SPARK while one was in the standard swoop livery, although it has to be said it didn't really suit this design

Plymouth Citybus 550 WA17FSU

Plymouth Citybus 565 WA17FTZ

WE then have a bit of a gap as the next new buses have only just arrived in 2019 – as has already been covered here!

Next we have a look at the second hand buses that have arrived from within the group.

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