03 December 2019

The Go Ahead Years: New buses

The first of a few posts over the next few weeks looking back over the first ten years of Plymouth Citybus under Go Ahead control.They have invested a fair bit of cash in new buses and coaches over the ten years. It took a while for the new buses to come though…

2011 saw two new coaches in this smart new livery.

Plymouth Citycoach 317 BX11GVP

2012 was the year when the new fleet investment really started with these Volvos in their short lived livery:

Plymouth Citybus 100 WA12ACJ

Its not just the livery that was short lived, as these buses are currently leaving the fleet heading to Manchester over the coming months.

2013 saw the arrival of a much more significant batch of buses which also arrived in a new livery and a new Flash branding. These now form the backbone of a growing Enviro fleet of double deckers.

Plymouth Citybus 501 WF63LZA

2014 sees another new coach for the fleet in a new simplified blue livery

Plymouth Citybus 319 WA64FZY

along with another batch of Enviro 400s in Red Flash livery

Plymouth Citybus 509 WF63LYT

2015 onwards to follow..


The newest buses in the fleet are currently in the middle of receiving their new livery behind closed doors at Milehouse. I don't know any details yet – but it does not sound like they are getting the standard swoop livery…

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  1. Caught a very small glimpse at the new E400 City’s today, well one at least. The swoop appears to be hollow, and the space between the decks has white writing, it didn’t appear to be the ‘Every journey taken care of’, but I couldn’t actually see what it is!


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