23 December 2019

Plymouth Citybus Fleet News

Volvos Out…

Thanks to Jason Beverley I am able to bring a fleet update for Plymouth Citybus:

Two more Volvo B7RLEs have now departed to Manchester with Go North West

103 WA12ACV and 106 WA12ACZ

Plymouth Citybus 103 WA12ACV

Plymouth Citybus 106 WA12ACZ

With the new E400 Citys now in service the older double deckers have been withdrawn including the Volvo B7TLs

405 PN02XCH

Plymouth Citybus 405 PN02XCH

433 X501EGK

Plymouth Citybus 433 X501EGK

440 X504EGK

Plymouth Citybus 440 X504EGK

442 Y814TGH

Plymouth Citybus 442 Y814TGH

I believe this just leaves 434 X546EGK in service – unless I have missed this one.

The last East Lancs Volvo is trainer 418 PL51LGW which is expected to be replaced by a Citaro shortly (probably 82)


  1. 434 was withdrawn last year. Also, 480/482/483/484/486 have been withdrawn due to the Citys entering service as well.

  2. 434 Has been withdrawn and used for parts to my knowledge and was withdrawn ages ago. Currently sitting in lower yard with its expected fate being the scrapman.

  3. Also, just to add, all Tridents have also been withdrawn. The final euro 3 decker in service was 483 which finished nearing midnight on the 9th December.

  4. Has anyone seen the East Yorkshire E200s lately?


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