25 November 2019

Plymouth Citybus–updates

I can now confirm fleet numbers and registrations for the new Enviro 400 City’s for Plymouth Citybus

566 WA69CYK
567 WA60CYL
568 WA69CYO
569 WA69CYP
570 WA69CYS
571 WA69CYU
572 WA69CYV
573 WA69CYW
574 WA69CYX
575 WA69CYY
576 WA69CYZ

576 is the ‘blue/green’ one – which will be revealed shortly


To celebrate the unveiling of the Nancy Astor statue next Thursday, 28 th November, Plymouth Citybus will be offering free travel to children in school uniform (on this day only).
This will include bus travel on the school run and at pick up time.
During the day (school hours 9am 3:30pm) as long as the travel is part of an organised school trip or the student has a school permission slip to say that they are allowed to be out of school during school hours; free travel will also be offered.

Meanwhile a nice idea from Citybus today on their Facebook page

We strongly believe in giving the children of Plymouth the best start in life. That's why we've teamed up with Barnardo's in an exciting new partnership. Today a team of incredible volunteers from Barnardo's Plymouth will be hopping on board our services across the city with a specially designed 'Bus Bingo' game.

The team will have goody bags for children and games to play as they travel with the aim of encouraging parents to spend more time talking to their children on the bus to develop speech and language skills before they reach school age (like these great students on board our All Saints Academy bus).

This builds on our own Happy to Chat campaign we launched earlier this year. The bus is key in tackling social issues and keeping communities connected. We hope this will get more people in Plymouth talking and help children learn new skills as they travel with us. ❤️

Plymouth Citybus 503 WF63LZC


  1. I take it the 2 linked

  2. Not quite as above, the fleetnumbers will be 567 - 577 as the gas bus double has been acquired & is expected to become 566

    1. The Gas E400City isn't staying with Citybus as far as I'm aware.

    2. Rubbish!
      The demo gas bus is Nottingham 500, and for your information fleetnumber 567 is carried by WA69CYL.

    3. The gas bus hasn't been acquired by Citybus it belongs to Nottingham City transport it's going to then after the trail at Citybus they're the last operator to have it as a demo bus

    4. Why would PCB buy one gas E400 City when the rest are Euro 6 diesel, not only that it won't have the same interior as the rest of the fleet. It makes no sense so I doubt it.

    5. I've asked and this week is it's last week then it goes so yes citybus is not keeping the biogas e400city.

  3. Graham’s listing is correct, apart from a typo in the reg of 567 WA69CYL.
    The Gas bus is a demo bus, is not acquired and which will become Nottingham 500 in due course.

  4. The gas bus is a demo that's been acquired by PCB and according to info from them it's to be numbered 566 and will not be going elsewhere!

    1. Just to confirm once and for all the gas bus Has Not been purchased by Citybus. It is due to return to Nottingham shortly


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