27 November 2019

Free Travel for School Children

Plymouth Citybus have clarified their free travel for school children tomorrow (Thursday)

ALL children in school uniform will be able to travel for free ALL day across Plymouth zones 1 and 2.
✅ As long as the child is in school uniform, our drivers will let them board for free.
✅ This includes school service buses, buses to and from school, and buses after school.
✅ During school operating hours (09:30-15:30 as a general guide) school children will need to have a permission slip explaining that they are travelling as part of a school trip or that they are authorised to be out of school (i.e. a health appointment). Obviously, we want children to stay in school and not be aiding truancy.
✅ We understand schools start and finish at different times of the day. If your school finishes before 15:30 we will be aware of this and will allow children to board for free without permission slips, as we know their school day has ended and that they are travelling home from school.

To celebrate the unveiling of the Nancy Astor statue this Thursday 28th November, we will be offering free travel across the network to all children in school uniform on Thursday 28th November only.

This will include bus travel to and from school, on school buses and regular service buses.

Theresa May will unveil the bronze statue of Nancy Astor, the first woman MP to take her seat in Parliament, on Plymouth Hoe on Thursday. Thursday’s unveiling marks the end of a long process, which saw a crowdfunding campaign for the statue run by the Plymouth Women in Business Networking CIC successfully raise £131,000.

Mrs Astor will also have a train named after her, which VIPs will embark from London’s Paddington Station and make the journey to the Plymouth. Plymouth train station will see the newly named Nancy Astor Express arrive at around 10.45am, where Citybus will have one of their fleet wrapped in Nancy Astor visuals – and you can probably guess what bus that is!

Plymouth Herald


  1. The PBEC (which Myself and Danny are part of) think that the Nancy Astor bus is either 462 or 467.
    Cant be 576 as the Nancy Astor bus will be Dark Green, whereas 576 is half blue half green.

    1. Nope it's a brand new bus...

    2. As revealed, 576 is the Nancy Astor bus.

    3. I wonder what made Citybus decied on Orange Hanover displays rather than white this time

  2. Well, only time will tell! - about 3hours! Will try to get a photo later as I'm working near the Hoe today

  3. Proof the Nancy Aster bus, in Teal base colour is 576, WA69CYZ, can be found on the Plymouth Citybus website


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