13 August 2019

Not everyone is proud

Quite a few bus companies have Pride buses out these days, but they can be difficult for some:

A BUS driver who allegedly refused to drive a double-decker adorned with gay pride rainbow colours "because it promoted homosexuality" has been suspended from his job. The man, described as aged in his 50s, was apparently so offended by the vehicle that he demanded to swap buses, so he could drive one which didn't feature shades of the gay pride rainbow flag.

Konectbus passenger Rebecca Sears, 19, said the incident occurred while she was waiting at Norwich Bus Station last Friday for the 501 park and ride service. She explained: "He said we have to wait a minute; he said 'I am not driving this bus because it promotes homosexuality'. "I was standing with two other women and we kind of thought he was joking, in a weird way. Like we were just thinking is it really that big of a deal?"

Konectbus management have made their feelings clear

"Our management team has been made aware and it is being taken very seriously. "We find this attitude, behaviour and level of customer service completely unacceptable. "As a company we do not condone any behaviour from our drivers that does not support this view. "The driver involved in this incident has been suspended and a full investigation is underway."

The Sun

What amazed me on this one is that on  the ‘Pride bus’ in question the only adornment was that the route number display was in rainbow colours – apart from that it was in standard Park & Ride livery. You dread to think what the driver would have thought about driving this …

Plymouth Citybus 465 LX06EZS

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