14 August 2019

Citybus Twitter

Plymouth Citybus have announced an improved service for live traffic updates:

From Monday 19th August 2019, all live traffic and service updates will be posted to our Twitter account - @plymouthbus.

Don't worry if you're not on Twitter - you don't need an account to keep up to date. Just head to: www.twitter.com/plymouthbus on any device and you'll see our page without needing to log in or have an account. To make things even easier, we've placed a feed of updates on our homepage here, so whenever you go to our website, you'll get the latest updates there too.

We are gearing up for service updates to be available within the app too. You'll notice there is already a link within the app to head to Twitter, which will display our page and all the updates within it. Later this year, we will be developing this further, which is why you'll see #PCB with each service number on all our updates. We'll update you with more information on this as it progresses.

Why are we making these changes?

To provide all passengers with a clear, chronological feed of real time information to help you to plan your journey.

Our team of dedicated customer experience advisors and network controllers will continue to monitor the situation on the roads, feeding the latest information back to you live via Twitter - your one stop for updates as they happen. Between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday, our Customer Experience team will be on hand on Twitter to respond to any quick queries you might have throughout the day, as well as via phone, email and in person at our Royal Parade Travel Centre.

We’ll also continue to share important information on our website under the 'News and Service Updates' section. Here you will find updates on major disruptions, diversions and roadworks in more detail.

Meanwhile on Facebook, we want to engage with you. Here we will be sharing our good news stories and the things we’re proud of, letting you know what we’re working on with the community and how you can get involved, posting job openings and our latest offers.

We will continue to notify Facebook followers of any critical information affecting the majority of our network, including major pre-planned works, network changes and major unexpected disruptions, with live service updates hosted exclusively on Twitter.

I have noticed the use of the #PCB route numbers which hopefully will lead to big improvements in the way delays are publicised. Those of us that use the live tracker will know of its limitations and not everyone has access to it anyway. As the live displays at bus stops don't seem to be improving at all with far too many bus stops not having any displays  at all, then anything which helps passengers has to be a good thing. Lets hope these improvements really do delivery a better service.

Plymouth Citybus 475 LX06FKL


  1. It would appear that the new Enviros due for Plymouth are still on build but will be diverted to Scarborough and the North East fleets

    1. Are they the enviro 200 MMCs

    2. You mean that Go North East etc is being prioritised over PCB, I doubt PCB's E200 MMC's would be sent to the North East when they are PCB specified interiors.

    3. well that's going to leave PCB short of a few buses, surely? Three Wrights have already gone, 2 Mercs are now used to train drivers. hmm

    4. re anon 17/8 18:42 - I dont know anymore than anyone else at the moment - but if these buses are in build at the moment then the interiors can easily be changed quite late in the process so that wont stop buses being diverted within the group.

    5. please can we have a source for where this information has come from? unless there's more E200s coming from London than previously stated, i don't think the new builds would be diverted. It's going to leave PCB short of 10 buses if they don't arrive in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

  2. Ive heard go south coast due some enviro 200mmc imminantley for a have a go at firstbus route they starting in southampton. Also wasent it mentioned that the e200mmc for pcb are part funded by cornwall county council hense the view they were for padstow?


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