05 August 2019

EcoCity gets a bump

With the Red Flash brand on its way out, we get quite a selection of buses on the 42s these days, with most days now having at least one of the MAN EcoCity buses on the 42Cs.

Plymouth Citybus 709 WX62HHP

Today was no exception although one of them didn't make it through unscathed being involved in an accident on Manadon roundabout as can be seen from this exciting photo reported on PlymouthLive…

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  1. Surely the RedFlash branding disappearing means theres a new brand on the way very shortly? Another spark with the E400 Citys?

    1. I believe that the plan is for all the new buses to be in standard swoop - they are loosing the Flash brands just keeping the Sparks for now.

    2. honestly, i've never really liked the spark brand much, so i'm sort of glad that if they're all coming in as Swoops

    3. I have to disagree. I think the Spark buses look great.

    4. The current enviro 400 citys are 2 years old and are already tired as they often struggle to start or don't start at all. Some of the red flash busses squeak like 505 and 512.


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