08 August 2019

Eastern Corridor Junction Improvements

Plymouth City Council give warnings of more roadworks starting soon. This is bound to have an impact on congestion while the works are underway…

Junction improvements in the east of Plymouth will continue next month with work on Plymouth Road.

The work will mark the next stage of the Eastern Corridor Junction Improvement Scheme and follows on from work already completed at the Cot Hill and Merafield Road junction earlier in the year.

Now, the focus will be on Plymouth Road itself with ageing traffic signal equipment set to be replaced with the latest technology and footways, crossings and cycle paths improved. Crucially, the scheme will also see road capacity increased.

Contractor South West Highways will begin work on Monday 2 September and will be completed in Summer 2020.

Councillor Mark Coker, Cabinet member for Strategic Planning and Infrastructure, said: “We know how important this scheme is to the people who live in the east of the city so I’m delighted that we’re in a position to move on to main section of the work.

What’s happening on Plymouth Road?

A major part of the scheme is an extension to the eastbound, right-turn lane at Cot Hill where the road will be widened, reducing queues at this junction.

At Marsh Mills, an extra lane will be added to the entry of the roundabout for traffic accessing the A38, with upgrades to the crossing facilities and signals.

Meanwhile, Coypool Road and Larkham Lane will be changed to a two lane exit, allowing more vehicles to flow onto Plymouth Road in a shorter green light window.

New crossing facilities at Woodford Avenue and Larkham Lane are also in the plans, as are upgrades to crossings at Dingle Road and Glen Road and a new cycle lane between Larkham Lane and Dingle Road.

Which part are you doing first?

The first junction to be tackled is Marsh Mills, where lane closures will be in place for two months to allow for works for a new lane to be created and for new lights to be installed. These lane closures will be off-peak only.

At the same time, new crossings will be installed at Larkham Lane. Again, a lane closure will be necessary while these works are being completed. They are expected to finish in February next year.

Timings for works on the other junctions will be released as the scheme progresses.

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