10 June 2019

Its Electric

A couple of quick phone pics of the most recent arrival at Milehouse!

 Milehouse 10/6/2019

Milehouse 10/6/2019

The Enviro200EV brings together the proven battery and electric technology of BYD and the outstanding design and build expertise of Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL). BYD is already the world’s leading manufacturer of all-electric buses having produced more than 10,000. ADL is the UK market leader and one of the world’s fastest growing specialists in designing and building buses that meet the demands of modern operators.

The Enviro200EV pure electric bus may be the shape of the future, but it’s grounded solidly in meeting the needs of today’s operators.

The battery technology at the heart of the Enviro200EV is already well established through millions of miles of passenger-carrying service around the globe and is already delivering significantly lower cost of operation. Add the proven design and build track record of ADL into the mix and you have a world-class bus that’s ready to go into service now.

The infrastructure required to maintain the vehicle, such as charging points, can be supplied by BYD and is easily deployable and more than flexible enough to comply with relevant building and planning regulations.

The new age of urban transport is here.

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  1. I bet the bus fares wont go down if its cheaper to run

    1. Not seen anything to suggest is cheaper, especially as it would cost a lot more to buy one of these at the moment. Maybe in a few years time the cost might swing in favour of electric

  2. Think its come via go south coast as i heard they been trialing a bus on salisbury p&r routes saw a pic of it(or something similer) in salisbury depot


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