04 March 2019

Devon General Light Six

Light Six’ rebuild confirmed for Devon General Centenary Bus Rally
Confirmed for display at the Devon General Centenary Bus Rally at Newton Abbot Racecourse on Sunday 4th August 2019 is ‘Light Six’ ETT 995.

©Paul Jenkins
Delivered in 1953, ETT 995 was a rebuild which used the chassis frame of a 1937 DG Regent and mechanical units from a 1938 DG Regal, whose registration it carries. Fitted with a new 56 seat Saunders-Roe body, it was the first of 20 rebuilds dubbed ‘Light Sixes’ on account of their light weight and six cylinder engines.
The 19 that followed during 1953/54 married reconditioned Regent chassis supplied by AEC with units from DG Regals, and were given 58 seat Weymann bodies.
The Light Sixes ran on Service 12 (Newton Abbot – Torquay – Paignton – Brixham) during the 1950s, until they were replaced by Leyland Atlanteans.
The Newton Abbot rally and running day is the flagship event in the Devon General Society’s 2019 programme marking the centenary of the founding of the Devon General Omnibus & Touring Company Limited.

  • For more information about the DGS see: www.devongeneral.org.uk
  • Twitter: @devongeneralso1
  • Facebook: @devongeneralsociety

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