22 January 2019

Target Travel Fleet Update

Thanks to Bradley Darlington for news of the Target Travel fleet:

Two coaches acquired from First Group are CU04AYP and CU04AYS, Volvo B12B, Plaxton Panthers

© Eddie [cc] seen 17/06/13 at Southampton airport

while buses/coaches now been sent to scrap are M302BRL, R617FCV, YJ55YHO, Y49HBT, R946RRS and Coach SUI8206

Target Travel Y49HBT
©didbygraham [cc] January 2012 Plymouth City Centre
Target Travel YJ55YHO (Explored)
©Bradley Darlington YJ55YHO August 2018


Thanks Bradley!


  1. Latley with first hampshire

  2. More Target Updates:
    Gone Scrap: X103BFJ V003PLV T103KCC X463BNE (apparently L500GSM but dont even remember that being with them)
    Sold: YJ54UCA (SF08RNY was on ebay i think now been sold) (HXZ9743 but ages ago not sure if you knew)
    New: (VAN A7OVV) (Minibus BD07UOF)
    other info: Y488VRH for sale but prob will be next for scrap and M390KVR ready to be preserved

    1. Where there any issues with Y488VRH before it was sold ? I’m looking at buying it for restoration and wondering what condition it was in 2019 while with target travel ?


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