09 October 2018

one man replaces another

Plymouth Citybus 706 WX62HGU

A bit of a rushed shot as I knew this was coming as I could see it on the tracker but just behind me is the 50 which I need to catch to get home and was just about loaded up and ready to depart. Luckily for me Citybus 70 arrived just in time for me to get this quick shot and then catch the bus home.

These are very civilised comfortable buses so I am sure most passengers will be happy with Citybus’ choice of vehicle for the service. As an extra bonus Citybus staff were giving away free cups of tea and coffee to passengers up at The George for the first day of the service.

Its also nice touch that the Target MAN has been replaced by a Citybus MAN.

Target Travel SF08RNY

I will miss this beast of a bus, you could always hear it coming!

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