03 September 2018

Citycoach BBQ

Plymouth Citycoach were among several operators sending coaches to Portsmouth for the Argyle match this weekend. However, one of the coaches didn't make it back…

“Supporters were forced to flee the coach and watch as huge flames engulfed the Plymouth City Bus Coach. Huge plumes of black smoke filled the sky, an hours drive from Portsmouth near Salisbury around 8pm this evening, as fire crews tackled the blaze. A spokesperson for City Bus confirmed that all passengers were safe and well after the incident and said the driver of the coach was an ex firefighter, so passengers were in "good hands".

Plymouth Live   (If you can grin and bear it through all the adverts there are a few photos and a quick video of the coach in full flames if you like that sort of thing)

For the record the coach was 315

Plymouth Citybus 315 WA03MGE

I think it is safe to assume that this is the end of 315. Whilst a coach fire like this is never a good thing at least everyone got out safely and did eventually get home. At least it gave the Argyle fans something to talk about and take their minds of the match itself…

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