23 May 2018

Swooped: WA03BHW

Catching up with repaints from the last few months starting off with Dennis Dart 67

67 WA03BHW

Away From The Stenning

© Bradley Darlington 6th May 2018

Previous liveries carried

April 2008

Plymouth Citybus 067 WA03BHW

July 2010 one of the better advert wraps

Plymouth Citybus 067 WA03BHW

February 2011 the post privatisation livery, thankfully short lived.

Plymouth Citybus 067 WA03BHW 22 February 2011


  1. Does anybody know if Citybus have a shortage of buses at the moment or if there are problems with the Spark buses as lots of random older buses including single deckers have been turning up on the 21 and 50s (or whatever number they are now (yellow flash)

  2. we certainly have had quite a few non yellow buses on the 50/51 recently. Had a Citaro this week, first one I have been on for ages. Was a bit full though!

  3. I actually quite liked the red, white and light grey livery, and the dark red front - which had a more upright swoop. I've said before, somehow the present swoop goes the wrong way psychologically. Perhaps it's just me .....

  4. Does anyone know the plan for 370-373 last i heard the deal with target had fallen through and they were to return in service to pcb but havent seen them on the road yet

  5. Must be a bus shortage on the 50/51 as I have seen dart like 17/61/65 covering on separate days so far this year. This service has also had 480/481/483/484/485/487 covering this year as well as the normal swoop/advert E400s.

  6. i still dont know what the SuperRider Gold was on the side of these darts but no more of the Stenning left now but still lots of the old Stenning logo around, B7RLES and E200s screens that work shows that old logo still.

    witch by the way Graham i had a E200 on the 50 to derriford and the screen inside show the next stop had no clue they still worked!

  7. when the first DDA low floor buses came in, companies branded them lo-rider, low floor, super low floor etc, PCB came up with the SuperRider branding, Gold to show it was top specification, although bland and ordinary now, they were a huge passenger improvement over step entry buses


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