22 May 2018

More Callywith College Buses

Plymouth Citybus have painted another Enviro into Callywith College livery. 515 joins 518 which was painted a while ago.


From Callywith College Facebook

There is clearly more work for Citybus coming up as the college remarks:

Another brand new shiny Callywith bus fresh out the paint shop joining our other Plymouth Citybus buses to cater for our 660 new students in September! Watch this space for new routes and stops to be confirmed soon.

I will be catching up with other changes to the Citybus fleet over the next day or so




  1. 16 and 23 left for scrap last week. 25 was on a tow truck yesterday.
    All old livery darts are now repainted into swoops. 71 was the last one. 39 withdrawn agian down lower yard.
    501 in bodyshop.

  2. There is an open topper for the 25 at Milehouse. Ex Oxford sightseeing.

  3. Was on the 25 other day as my mates wanted to go to the gog and mogog very busy with encts pass holders wouldent an open top be a challanging experiance as limited seats downst
    airs or is the open top going to be packaged as something else?

  4. The normal swoop E400s like
    504 - Heart Bus
    508 - History Bus
    511 - Macmillan Cancer Bus

    have not been seen on the 50/51s for ages!


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