10 May 2018

Stagecoach Swap Plymouth E200s for Exeter Darts

It wasn't that long ago that Stagecoach swapped Enviro 400s from the Plymouth - Dartmouth service 3 for Enviros 200s from Stagecoach in Chester. Well now the smart E200s have been transferred away from Plymouth and are Exeter based.

37443 and 37444 went up on the 5th May

SN16OSR 37443 Matford 060518

SN16OSU 37444 Matford 060518

37444 was then caught on camera on the S service in Exeter on the 8th

SN16OSU 37444 Exeter High Street 080518

All photos © Adrian Roberts - with thanks.

I believe that a few older Darts have arrived from Exeter to replace them. Can anyone confirm if these Darts are now in use on the 3?





  1. Have seen 35154 on 2s.

  2. https://flic.kr/p/JTHvf7 - Seen on the 3 here.

  3. They are indeed, Graham. Rumour has it the 14 plate Enviro 200s are next to depart.

  4. Plymouth citybus have got the stagecoach service 48 from the 3rd September 2018.

    1. Anyone know when Target 39 and 52 come up for Tender?

  5. Where will the 14 plate enviros ( branded for the 2/2A) to then? Exeter!? What are the settings that the enviro 400mmcs will be next?

  6. Could you please revert back to the old Plymothian Transit. Also, Citybus have acquired an open topper for the 25. It will be in swoop livery and will carry fleet number 1905. Plate is V905FEC


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