25 April 2018

Stagecoach Bus Fares

Stagecoach have announced that bus fares are changing (going up!) this weekend…

From 29 April 2018 we are changing the price of a number of our single, return, day and season tickets. With regards to our day and season tickets, wherever possible we have frozen the cost to keep our increases to a minimum. We are also introducing Child and Group Dayriders in all of our zones*. Child Dayriders are available to anyone aged from 5 to 15 years old and Group Dayriders allow up to 5 people to travel together. With are withdrawing our £1 child 'add on' as these new tickets will provide a day of unlimited, discounted travel from as little as £1.28 each.

Our Niterider will remain just £3 and gives unlimited travel on any of our buses, excluding the South West Falcon, after 7pm until end of service.

We are abolishing our ‘Pet Explorer’ so animals can now travel for free with their owners.

From the same date, any new Smartcards issued on the bus will cost £1. This does not affect Smartcards issued online.

If you are signed up to our 'Xtra' monthly payments and there is a change to your ticket price, the new price will take effect from your first payment after 29 April 2018. 

A summary of local area day and season ticket fares and Park & Ride fares is shown below. All other fares are available to look up via our ticket finder, remembering to set the date to on or after 29 April.

Day Tickets


Season Tickets


Plymouth Park & Ride


Nobody likes a fare increase of any kind but it odes seem that its the change in child fares that has hit the headlines

“With are withdrawing our £1 child 'add on' as these new tickets will provide a day of unlimited, discounted travel from as little as £1.28 each”

Families in Exeter and Exmouth are to bear the brunt of annual bus fare increases because Stagecoach has announced it is scrapping its £1 ‘add on’ tickets for children. Instead children need to use single fares or £3 dayriders which equates to an increase of 200 per cent. https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/shocked-families-told-bus-travel-1459956

Cllr Rob Hannaford, chair of the Exeter highways and traffic orders committee , and also chair of the counties children’s committee said: “This unannounced unilateral move by Stagecoach has been made without due reference to either the city or county councils, without proper public consultation and, apparently, without any regard to the severe negative effects on families using public transport everywhere




  1. I dont get this councillor.When they increased my council tax the never consulted me.Why should Stagecoach do it

  2. is this in Plymouth too? Can't see anything on there website for Plymouth

  3. Stagecoach is far too expensive, people are not using its service because of it. I am glad they have removed the pet explorer as that was a stupid idea. However to put things into context. From where I live in Devon, to drive to a park and ride site in Plymouth and get the bus is more expensive ,than me getting the train without using my railcard.

    1. Stagecoach can be quite expensive but always seem to be cheaper than GA Citybus whenever I use them.

  4. Same at saltash rtn into plymouth about the same as stagecoach(cheaper with railcard) and cheaper then pcb but trains are few and far between were the bus service is 3pcb 3ssw ph.

  5. The £1 child add-on was sensible had it been weekends an school holidays only. But having it available on schooldays simply filled buses at £1 per person and wasn't sustainable. It is still possible to travel long distances for bargain fares with local Dayriders, e.g. Newton Abbot to Kingswear in Torbay or Bude to Ilfracombe in North Devon. Add that to the seven day a week services even in deeply rural areas and I consider the Stagecoach offer is still very very good.


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