01 March 2018


We don't often get proper snow in Plymouth. but yesterday we did! These pictures were all taken near my home in Estover yesterday



Taken at the worse of the snow storm coming out of Asda. I think at this stage there were a few buses stacked at Asda. Certainly more came out than went in!


Coming up the hill and about to turn into Asda. I nearly missed this photo as my hands were so cold I was struggling to hit the camera button!


It has stopped snowing when the green machine came out of Asda.


For most of the day the Yellow Flash were cutting across the top and avoiding Keswick Crescent. This is usual whenever it gets icy.


You wouldn't want to take a bus down there! it was hard enough walking up it. The last bus to come up the hill about five mins before this pic was taken was struggling with grip.

Not saying it was cold but…

Yellow bus in a white landscape

530 Citybus

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