05 March 2018

Plymouth Citybus Fleet Update

Its been fairly quiet but the fleet list has had a few updates recently:

Dennis Darts

68, 70 and 71 were all to be sold but have been reprieved and will stay in the fleet for now. 67 the last in the Stenning livery is currently in the paintshop and should receive the full swoop livery.

Plymouth Citybus 067 WA03BHW

I am sure some will miss this livery, but I cant say I am one of them.

Of the older Darts 17 and 39 both continue in service for now, 17 being a true survivor! Plymouth Citybus 017 R117OFJ

Apart from the registration plate I doubt many passengers would realise just how old she is compared with the others.

Older Darts still at Milehouse but withdrawn for breaking up are 16 23 25 29 43 46 and 48

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that Scania single deckers 370- 373 are being returned to service shortly. It remains to be seen what services they will be used on.Plymouth Citybus 372 PF06ENN


  1. 70 is in swoops and out and about, recently seen on the 44.
    Interesting about 370-373, these are said to be of to Target. They had been used heavily on 35/35a/61/62 before being withdrawn.

  2. I thought that 370-373 are going to target travel

  3. Did 370-73 get taken out of service? If so for what reason was it?

  4. Why bring 370-73 back there were terrible bearly any seats and just a horrible bus.

  5. I notice 202 is up the plym valley railway

  6. 68 is out on the road today on Route 44, in swoops (15/3/18)


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