01 April 2017

Incoming Stagecoach X1

Newly arrived at Stagecoach Devon is 53616 KX58NCO which was formerly with Stagecoach in Cambridge. It carries the new livery for the X1 Plymouth - Tavistock Express service and is due to enter service today. It is one of three which have arrived, one more in this livery with another in standard livery.
Stagecoach Devon KX58NCD
The decision to go with coaches for the X1 is due to the road works along the Outland Road/ Derriford corridor which has resulted in significantly increased journey times meaning that under European legislation (based on the average journey time for passengers on any route being more than 90 minutes) toilets are now required. They looked at fitting toilets into standard Enviro double deckers but it was not economically feasible. The other Tavistock service (service 1) will retain standard buses for now as most passengers use that for the shorter local journeys so do not need toilet facilities under this legislation. It also gives the company more space for less mobile passengers who will be encouraged to use the 1 rather than the X1 for the time being. This is very much a stop gap solution whilst the road works are in progress although this could be up to two years. If journey times fall significantly then they can revert back to standard buses.
It is also hoped that as Brexit takes shape and UK Government starts to scrap the EU rules which protect passengers and staff that the company wont have to worry about passenger comfort and welfare as much. As the current UK Government has shown no interest in bus passengers in the past companies are not expecting much in the way of new legislation to hamper their businesses.

(just in case anyone come across this story from now on, it is of course my usual April Fools posting. Thanks for all the comments!)


  1. On the subject of coaches, a number of sources have confirmed that plans are well advanced for a new Stagecoach 'Ferryfast Platinum' luxury coach service that will run from Torquay to Plymouth, (via Dartmouth higher ferry) stopping only at Dartmouth and Kingsbridge. Passengers will enjoy Champagne and local seafood specialties before arriving in Plymouth. From the Plymouth end it will be promoted to tourists as an Agatha Christie special. This ultra-premium service is mainly intended to capitalise on the Mayflower 400 celebrations and links into Torbay's plans to attract more cruise liners. I've been told fares will start at £40 (excluding Champagne) and run up to £99.95 for the full package. Stagecoach seem to be going back to their coaching roots!

  2. Will they still be running the E400MMC'S on the X1?

  3. Although I have no information on the cost, I believe it is feasible to fit a toilet on a standard double-decker provided it is on the top deck and the 'long drop' design is employed. The model used in old-fashioned Scout camps has been found the most suitable. For passengers wishing to enjoy such facilities, some ticket-machines have been adapted so that they produce a much larger ticket on pink perforated paper.

  4. Linking to your story about the X1 having to use coaches because of European legislation, this theoretically means that the PCB service 20A should really be using coaches as the service takes 2 hours to get to Ivybridge.

    1. Yes - but its the average journey time for all passengers - if you take into account all those who do not travel the full distance then the average would be less than 90 mins. Or at least it would be if this story was in any way not made up!

  5. I note the date..good one!


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