31 March 2017

Guess How Old Plymothian Transit is today?

Plymouth Citybus 486 PK02RFJ Plymouth Citybus 108 WA12ADU First 69249 YJ07WFR Plymouth Citybus 485 PK02RDY First 44915 YX09AHA Plymouth Citybus 503 Western National 2887 GOL424N

©Jos Van Hemert

Plymouth Citybus 283 N283PDV Plymouth Citybus 012 N112UTT

Thanks to everyone who has contributed over the last TWELVE YEARS. The many photos you have allowed me to use, the sightings, the bits of information from across Devon & Cornwall, and most of all the general support there has been for all of this time which has allowed this little bit of the internet to continue for so long. Special mention too for all of the comments which have been left here over the years - the comment counter hitting 10,000 earlier in February!

Here’s to the next twelve…


  1. Congratulations Graham, here's to another 12!! Thank you for all your efforts and hard work.

  2. Many congratulations Graham. Your hard work really does show, this is an amazing blog full of interesting posts and discussion in the comments. I hope you've got a few beers or a treat lined up as this is a massive achievement! Excellent work

  3. Aline coaches in torpoint have bought 2 opter buses one for ducthy collage work

  4. Congratulations Graham on twelve years of Plymothian Transit.

    I've been a reader of your blog for many years, perhaps even from the very beginning. I can honestly say that whilst other blogs have come and gone yours is the only one to be a constant blog on my reading list - the go to blog for anyone interested in the public transport scene in Plymouth (and the wider west country).

    What has set your blog out over the years is your dedication to quality and fairness of content. Whilst buses are my primary interests and what brought me to your blog in the beginning, I've also learnt much about other aspects of transport in Plymouth.

    There has been so much change over that twelve year period - it would be interesting to see a series of posts reflecting on the changes that have happened in Plymouth during the life of your blog!

    Thank you for your efforts - here's to more stuff didbygraham!

    1. Thanks Ben - and everyone else for the kind comments

  5. Graham I don't know how you find the time to compile such an informative & interesting site, keep up the great work! Although I don't live in Devon, I love to follow your local scene from my home in Cheltenham, I hope one day to relocate to Plymouth such a fantastic city.


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