11 January 2017

Saltash Hopper

Saltash Community Bus Service (Saltash Hopper) are running a trial bus service from Saltash to Derriford four times a day from Monday 9th January to Friday 13th January.

Buses will operate from Pilmere, then the Ploughboy, Fire Station, Church Rd, St Stephens Rd and on to Fore St outside the Community Market at 6.45am, 7.45am then 3.45pm and 4.45pm. Return runs available from Derriford at 7.05am and 08.15am then 4.15pm and 5.15pm.

Seats should be booked in advance as space is limited. Tel 01752 848 348 or 07905 795256, or call in to the Community Market at 4 Fore Street (Wed- Sat)

They drop off and pick up at the Main entrance and outside of Maternity.

This week it is free and they will start a paying service  from Mon 15/1/17

They will tweak  and add more runs  as the service develops. Please help them to promote this service by using it and sharing it with your colleagues. There are details on Facebook (Saltash Hopper) and the contact number for Mike Finch at Saltash Hopper is 07905 795256.

This service is aimed at staff living in Saltash and working at Derriford. Lets hope its a success.

More information can be found on their web site

Sticking with Derriford news staff have been informed that the new bus stops come into full use next week…

I have now received confirmation that the bus operators will start using the new bus lane (running in the opposite direction to the original lane) from Sunday 15th January. Temporary signs will be in place to warn pedestrians to ‘look both ways’ etc and the public transport team are working on some information to go on the shelters so that people know where they should be going. Please can all bus users check with their operators to make sure they know which bus stops they are meant to be using from Sunday 15th January.

Please remember that both bus lanes are for buses and cyclists only and that no other vehicles are allowed to use these lanes.

Back on the 15th November 2016 the new shelters were being installed Under construction

Now all ready to go

New Bus Stops New Bus Stops

I can see a fair bit of confusion at first, but look forward to the buses actually being able to get to their own stops more often than has been the case for some time now…


  1. i thought jacketts was going to make a route for this derriford - saltash link?

  2. If Saltash Hopper are to start charging fares, then presumably the service will need to be registered with the Traffic Commissioner?

    1. They already operate a town service in Saltash which charges fares and so is, presumably, registered; I believe the vehicle can carry wheelchairs. For some reason, though, they do not accept free passes.

  3. AD 400 MMC Demonstrator 9098 SN66 WLK arrived at Milehouse today. MPD LX05 EYW was in the paint shop and the shell of 24 over the pits.

  4. Is this what Jacketts were also proposing ?

  5. There breaking the law it has to be a low floor bus if take money

    1. They will not be breaking the law as the DDA regulations only apply to vehicles of 22 seats and over and most community bus operators only run buses upto 16 seats

  6. minibuses dont need to be low floor, 16 seats or below comes to mind. plus by the picture they have wheelchair lifts, so also exempt, the old 52 used to get very busy, so could be worth a go with a MPD,

  7. Looks like it has a wheelchair lift on the back which means I think, it is DDA compliant. Can someone who actually knows what they're talking about say wether it's legal or not?


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